Amsterdam Meet 2016 Quick Recap – No Prototype Pics Yet

I’ll try not to gloat too much, but the meet was just as spectacular as it was last year. I counted around 70 new designs that Eric brought with him to the meet. From the prototype-filled table, I can publish images of about 25 knives. I took over 2,900 photos, I am an amateur after all and I only get one chance at these knives. With Ted’s help I was able to collect not only photographs, but all sorts of measurements too. I also brought a scale this year, so we got some weights for the new prototypes as well.

I’m sorry to have put everyone on a waiting period, but I do have to work and I will be at the IWA Show in Germany so I won’t be able to select, crop, edit and post images before March 9th. Despite my amateur efforts, I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

Pictured below are a few first impressions of the 2016 Amsterdam Meet!





More to follow on March 9th ….



11 Responses to Amsterdam Meet 2016 Quick Recap – No Prototype Pics Yet

  1. Thanks for the hard work, Wouter…
    I am holding my breath!

    Kind regards

  2. Nasgul says:

    Can’t wait for March 9th ! ^^
    Thanks for your report.
    I should have been in the :/
    Wonder the comments, words from Eric about the last pic, the Dragonfly !
    As usual, thank you for your work on those kind of reports, pics and such !
    French regards ! ^^

  3. Benjamin says:

    Been reading your site for years, the reference for Spyderco fans. Thank you for your hard work and passion! I look forward to the prototypes (and eventual long wait to be able to buy one – techno anyone?) Benjamin

    • Thanks Benhamin. Many prototypes can get delayed in development. We’ve been waiting for the Tighe stick for some 10 years! Sometimes production capabilities and capacity need to catch up on the intended design for production.

  4. BOB DAVIS says:

    Thanks for the info.Looking forward to see your photos. I better start saving some $,looks like I am going to need it.

  5. Remco says:

    Do a see a new model of the ATR on pic 2??

  6. Chris Mapp says:

    Funny how things changed. I used to get excited about hearing the news from Toy Fair or Comic-Con. Now I’m more interested in hearing about what was seen at the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet.

    Great work as always. I can’t wait to see your pictures.

  7. Ben says:

    We’re spoiled already with your magnificient pictures, which will be surely worth waiting for.
    Thanks for your hard labour and I can’t wait to see your report!!


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