Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2017 Report

I’ll try not to gloat too much, but the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2017 was  -to me- even more spectacular as previous editions. I counted around 80 new designs that Eric brought with him to the meet. I think that is more knives than we’ve seen before at the meet!  Thank you Eric, Joyce, Jurphaas, Martien, the Spydercrew in Golden and everyone else who was at the meet for creating another spectacular Spyderco event!

From the prototype-filled table, I can publish photos and film footage of about 25 knives. I took over 1,600 photos and 3hrs of video footage. I only get one chance, so I figured I’d better snap an extra pic just to be sure, right? With Ted’s help I was able to collect not only photographs of the right knives, but also all sorts of measurements. I hope we’re able to give you a good impression of some of the new knives that Spyderco is working on. Any possible errors in the images  or information about these prototypes and production samples, are all mine. Probably due to experiencing a hefty dose of ‘new knife high’.

Today, I’ll post the first batch of knives I can share with you. I didn’t take much time to actually handle and examine the knives. Hopefully, my fellow knifeknuts who were at the meet, can share their impression of these knives. Eric loves feedback, so don’t be shy to comment on the designs I can show you in this thread.

Please feel free to re-post and share these images and information. If you’d like to edit these images, try to make it clear that these are either concept models, production prototypes or production samples. I add this information in the images, to make clear that these knives aren’t available yet. I’d also appreciate a source credit for the images (www.spydercollector.com). If you’d like to use these images for commercial purposes, contact me first.


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