Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Caly 3 HAP 40

The Caly 3 in HAP 40 will be a sprint run that was announced in the 2017 Spyderco catalog. In that respect, this knife wasn’t a huge surprise to see at the meet, but it sure was nice to see and handle it in person. The knife itself is a somewhat of an ‘old friend’ to me, and I’ll be sure to add this variation to my collection of Caly and Calypso designs. The forest-green G-10 is a nice color variation, that I don’t see too often in Spyderco folders.


spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_blade_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_blade_1
spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_angle_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_angle_1
spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_stand spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_stamp
spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_spine_1

spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_inhand_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_closeda
spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_inhand_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2017_caly3hap40_spine_2

Overall Length: 17,8 cm / 5.59 inches
Blade Length: 7,8 cm / 2.28 inches
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0.11 inches
Weight: 88 grams / 3.10 ounces


2 Responses to Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Caly 3 HAP 40

  1. Larry Adams says:

    Very nice! I’ve got one on pre-order. Any idea when they’ll begin shipping?

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