Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2018 Report

Spyderco doesn’t just restrict it’s CQI principles to knives, it was also applied to this year’s Amsterdam Meet! I’ve been to the very first meet 14 years ago, where me and about 10 other guys spend the evening around a table with Sal, Gail a few other Spydercrew members and a big pack of prototypes. The meet has grown over the years to the point where the number of guests had to be capped to 80, or the knives just wouldn’t pass through the crowd. But this year’s meet was different, and I liked it a lot.

After a 2 hour informal presentation by Eric of the almost 100 prototypes he brought, the room was quickly divided into a mini-show, with several tables displaying the prototypes. The knives werne’t passed around this time, but people could mingle together along the four tables to examine the prototypes, ask questions etc… People were handed little forms that they could use to  leave comments and feedback. I believe some 250 comments were left!

It was an even better experience than last year. Eric, Joyce, Jur andTed pulled it off again, thanks a lot guys!

From the prototype-filled table, I can publish images of about 18 knives. I hope I’m able to give you a good impression of some of the new knives that Spyderco is working on. I have no information on pricing or precise release dates. It’s my experience that most of the prototypes that are shown at the meet, are usually released within a year. Any possible errors in the images  or information about these prototypes and production samples, are all mine. Probably due to experiencing a hefty dose of ‘new knife high’.

I’ll start publishing the first pictures later today.

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