Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2019 Report

I loved seeing my fellow knifeknuts and the Spydercrew again at this 15th Spyderco Amsterdam Meet. It’s nice to see that many of my ‘own kind’ in one place. And, oh right, there were also a ‘few’ of Spyderco prototypes….;-). We needed a bit more time than last year, to determine what knives could be photographed and shown publicly, I appreciate your patience and understanding. There are 10 new designs I could shoot and share with you. I will continue processing the images in the next few days and share them all with you as I finish them.

Eric, Lisa, Jur, Ted and Martien did  great job, putting together an amazing 15th Spyderco  Amsterdam Meet, thank you !

Eric’s table was filled with about a 100 prototypes total. The 10 pieces I can share online, will likely all end up in the next Reveal catalog. This indicates these knives are planned to be released between May & August. I have no information on pricing or specific release dates.

I’m far from a professional photographer, but I hope to still give you a decent impression of these cool new knives in my upcoming posts. Any possible errors in the images  or information about these production samples, are all mine. Probably due to experiencing a hefty dose of ‘new knife high’.

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