Spyderco 2019 Production Sample – BaliYo

I was happy to see the BaliYo getting an upgrade at this year’s Amsterdam Meet. If you like knives, you’ll probably like balisongs as well, or at least played with one. A BaliYo takes the game of the balisong knife and it puts it in a pen. My co-workers might not always appreciate the clickety-clack of me flipping a pen during meetings, but a BaliYo never bores me.

The most noticeable new feature of the new BaliYo are the wider arms with slots, to improve the grip during tricks. However, the wire clips have also been tuned, they are now less likely to catch on threads in your pocket and they won’t move as much as the old ones. The arms appeared thicker as well, offering even more protection against breaking. It looks like the new BaliYo will be part of the Lightweight series. This one’s absolutely on my wish list!

Overall Length: 20  cm / 7.87 inches
Pen Length: 10,6  cm / 4.17 inches
Closed Length: 10,8 cm / 4.25 inches
Weight: 34 grams / 1.2 ounces

I have no information on pricing or specific release dates.

4 Responses to Spyderco 2019 Production Sample – BaliYo

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  3. Nick says:

    When does this come out?

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