Counter Critter – Spyderco Design Production Sample 2023

The Counter Critter is a larger version of the Counter Puppy (also shown for comparison), which was released in 2020. Eric explained that this design follows a trend that started a few years ago in Japan, to make kitchen knives that you can put down without the edge touching the table. The 7CR17 steel uses less carbon than most other steels used by Spyderco. The idea behind this is that the steel will still perform fairly well, and that it resists more ‘abuse’; people would probably put it in a dishwasher since it’s a knife made in China. The Counter Critter will also come with purple handles in the future, as well as a serrated edge.


Overall: 8.39 inch / 213 mm
Blade: 3.95 inch / 100 mm
Edge: 3.75 inch / 95 mm
Thickness: 0.080 inch / 2.0 mm
Steel: 7Cr17
Weight: 1.6 oz / 45g
Grind: Full-flat
Handle: Plastic
Origin: China

I have no information on pricing or release dates.

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