Spyderco 2023 Prototypes Page Update

I finally got around to updating my Prototypes page, with the new 2023 production samples that were shown at the 2023 Amsterdam Meet. The Prototypes page features all the Spyderco prototypes I was allowed to photograph and share since 2006.

2023 – Spyderco Production Samples

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_military2_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_lightweightnativechief_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_stretch2xlnishijin_1
Military 2, Native Chief Lightweight, Stretch 2 XL Nishijin

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_paramilitary2salt_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_spyoperasprintrun_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_lilnativewharncliffe_1
Para Military 2 Salt, SpyOpera Sprint Run, Lil’ Native Wharncliffe

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_microjimbo_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_lilnativelightweight_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_manbugleaf_1
MicroJimbo, Lil’ Native Lightweight, Manbug Leaf

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_countercritter_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_sharpkeeper_1
Counter Critter, SharpKeeper


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