I got the SS Police SE in 1997, it was my first Spyder. Somehow, the bug didn’t really bite me. It just got its place in my collection next to my BM’s and Cold Steels. However, when I got a BM AFCK around ’98, the Police got my attention again. The ultra beveled hole, cracked spacer and thick edge put me off on the AFCK a bit. I did love the ergos, G10 and overall design. It occurred to me, that the SS Police had all these problems solved. The opening hole was nice and grippy, the edge nice and thin, and the spacer was solid steel -without cracks-. On top of that, the ergos were just as good as those on the AFCK. However, the SS was too smooth and the whole design was just a little too ‘old-school’.

Enter the Military. Around this time, the Military was king of the knife dicussion forums. So the choice for a new spydie was easy. Furthermore, I had also become the proud owner of a Sebenza and a modest flock of MT SOCOMs. The Military turned out to be not only an improved AFCK, but it also offered better cutting and slicing performance than the aforementioned high-priced items. And the Millie’s ergos and carry friendliness blows them all out of the water.

I carried that Military for several years, untill the Li’l Temp definetely replaced it. The main reason was that I wanted something smaller. The Military and Police are now respected pieces in my collection, while I run around with newer spydies. In its basic configuration the Military and Police are still solid performers, and can still be found in the catalog with only minor refinements. The newer spydies I carry now only differ in overall size and feature the improved details in knife design that we knife knuts love. I certainly do not feel underknifed, carrying my old Police or Military.

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