Video – Various Production Samples from the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2018

March 18, 2018
A little dessert from the Spyderco  Amsterdam Meet 2018! Just before the meet started,  I had the opportunity to take a few close-up videos of some of the knives I had photographed for my other posts. I figure these clips will offer a better impression of the knives’ sizes and how they fit the hand. The labels with numbers on the blades help attendees give feedback on these designs, on special cards that were collected at the end of the meet.

Please note, these are all production samples and I have no information on prices or availability.

This video includes, from start to finish:
1) Paysan, Peter Rassenti design
2) Brouwer, Jerry Brouwer design
3) Respect, Spyderco design
4) Nati Amor, Nati Amor design
5) Lil’ Native Backlock, Spyderco design
6) Mantra 3, Spyderco design
7) Amalgam, Brian Lai design
8) Reinhold Rhino, Michael Reinhold design
9) Zoomer, Thomas Zoomer design
10) Parata, Paul Alexander design
11) Hanan,Brad Southard design
12) Techno 2, Marcin Slysz design
Thanks for watching!

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Zoomer

March 9, 2018

Time for the last new knife post in my Spyderco Amsterdam Meet Report 2018! It’s always very cool to see the Spyderco Amsterdam Meets creating a little buzz for new Spyderco designs. But to have the meets help create a new Spyderco collaboration, now that’s a different type of cool. I’m proud to finally show these images of a fellow Dutchman and knife designer, the Zoomer!

I had to do a double take at the smooth handle, amazing how they can machine G-10 this smooth and this consistently. Equally impressive was the hamaguri grind with zero edge though. This knife will be shipped with an elaborate sheath with accessory pockets and a dangling loop for carry. It will be quite the package!


Overall Length: 25,4 cm / 10 inches
Blade Length: 13,2 cm / 5.20 inches
Blade Thickness: 4 mm / 0.156 inches
Weight: 272 grams / 9.6 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – ClipiTool Standard

March 9, 2018

The ClipiTool Standard is very similar to the ClipiTool Rescue, but with a different tool selection. The tools on this variant don’t lock, but the ‘slipit-action’ was solid. The tools are vey easy to access, a lot easier than many other pocket tools out there. It should be priced well too. If I recall correctly, it should have an MSRP below $100.



Blade – Overall Length: 20,1 cm / 7.9 inches
Blade – Length: 8,9 cm / 3.5 inches
Blade – Thickness: 2.4 mm / 0.94 inches

Can Opener – Overall Length: 14,8 cm / 5.83 inches
Can Opener – Length: 3,6 cm / 1.43 inches
Can Opener – Thickness: 2,4 mm / 0.94 inches

Bottle Opener – Overall Length: 14,9 cm / 5.85 inches
Bottle Opener – Length: 3,7 cm / 1.45 inches
Bottle Opener – Thickness: 2.4 mm / 0.94 inches

Weight: 119 grams / 4.2 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – ClipiTool Rescue

March 9, 2018

I’ll admit I never really took to the first series of all-steel smaller clipitools. They were heavy for their size and offered few tools. I might have to adjust that opinion for this design. The ClipiTool feels like a regular EDC folder, but it also happens to have a few extra tools to go with it. The blade is just like any other Spyderco we like; full flat grind, forefinger choil, proper G-10, properly engaging linerlock etc.. The tools also open one-handed. The rescue hook, like the blade, is supported by a linerlock. The overall package is very thin, making it more of an EDC knife/tool combo. I hope this concept does well for Spyderco, with further development I’m hoping to see lefty-friendly tool/blade opening.


Blade – Overall Length: 20,3 cm / 8.01 inches
Blade – Length: 9,2 cm / 3.61 inches
Blade – Thickness: 2,5 mm / 0.98 inches

Rescue Hook – Overall Length: 16,2 cm / 6.36 inches
Rescue Hook – Length: 5 cm / 1.96 inches
Rescue Hook – Thickness: 2,5 mm / 0.98 inches

Screwdriver – Overall Length: 14 cm / 5.50 inches
Screwdriver – Length: 2,8 cm / 1.10 inches
Screwdriver – Thickness: 2,5 mm / 0.98 inches

Weight: 120 grams / 4.2 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Respect

March 9, 2018

If one thing was hard for me to do after last year’s meet, it was not being able to share photos and info of my favorite design at the 2017 meet. It’s called the Respect now, which is an awesome name for an awesome blade. Mind you, this production sample still has a prototyped polymer handle, it will look and function better with the actual contoured G10 handle. I like the blend of old-school design and new school materials. I like bowies for their historical background and visual design. I might just try to attack our pile of cardboard for recycling with this knife though, just to get some actual use out of this knife. My suburban environment and lack of bushcrafting hobby doesn’t really demand a knife like this. But still, I will get me some respect for sure!

Overall Length: 33,4 cm / 13.15 inches
Blade Length: 20,2 cm / 7.49 inches
Blade Thickness: 6 mm / 0.30 inches
Weight: 354 grams / 12.5 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Mantra 3

March 8, 2018

The Mantra 3 is making my Delica collection look a bit worried. The overall profile is very similar to my beloved Delica designs. There are, however, many differences – the materials, flipper action just to name a few. Customer feedback on the Mantra 1 and 2 apparently was that many customers didn’t like the Ti handle scratching easily, or the ‘staining’ M4 steel blade. This, as well as CQI on the flipper/ball bearing system, has resulted in the Mantra 3. A cool option for those who want something more upscale than a Delica, but still in the same size and weight range.


Overall Length: 22 cm / 8.66 inches
Blade Length: 8,8 cm / 3.46 inches
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0.118 inches
Weight: 104 grams / 3.66 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Lil’ Native Backlock

March 8, 2018

I got a chance to handle the Lil’ Native with a compression lock at SHOT and last year’s Amsterdam Meet. And although it’s an impressively cool translation of the Native design, I mean it actually felt like handling a dragongly sized Native, it still wasn’t quite what I liked. After collecting and using Spyderco’s for almost 20 years, a Native kind of ‘has to have a backlock’. I can’t give a rational explanation. You all have fun with those compression lock lil’ Natives, this backlock version will be mine.

Overall Length: 15,7 cm / 5.94 inches
Blade Length: 6,3 cm / 2.47 inches
Blade Thickness: 3,7 mm / 0.125 inches
Weight: 60 grams / 2.1 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Brad Southard Hanan

March 8, 2018

The Hanan was shown last year and I can’t really recognize many differences from before. However, Eric pointed out the CQI to the pivot. If you look inside you see phosphor bronze washers, indicating the new ball bearing system that uses bigger balls and slightly thicker steel rings. It certainly flips like a champ. The design reminds me of the Positron, but the Hanan seems a bit more ‘dressed-up’ with that bolster and curvy blade.


Overall Length: 17,3 cm / 6.83 inches
Blade Length: 7,5 cm / 2.95 inches
Blade Thickness: 3.0 mm / 0.118 inches
Weight: 82 grams / 2.9 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Kevin Smock

March 8, 2018

Another interesting new design was the Kevin Smock design collaboration. To me, it looked like a new take on the compression lock. A large button appeard to be connected to the locking tab that pushes away the locking tab to unlock the blade. It was very easy to operate. Eric did mention that they are still working to refine the system, so there could be some changes in the final production version.




Overall Length: 22 cm / 8.66 inches
Blade Length: 8,8 cm / 3.46 inches
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0.118 inches
Weight: 104 grams / 3.66 ounces

Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Marcin Slysz Techno 2

March 7, 2018

The Techno 1 is, to me, a wonderfully quirky design. That massive overbuilt little beast still cuts like many much more ‘dainty’ knife designs. The Techno 2, was noticeably thinner. Although I appreciate the new blade profile and bright green anodized stand-offs, I’m not sure yet I like the thinner profile. Since these changes come from customer requests, for the custom version mind you, so I’m in the minority here.

Overall Length: 15,1 cm / inches
Blade Length: 6,5 cm / inches
Blade Thickness: 4 mm / inches
Weight: 100 grams / ounces