Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Manbug Sheepfoot

March 11, 2017

I’m a sucker for Ladybugs, Jesters and the Manbug. So this salt version of the Manbug with a sheepfoot blade is a no-brainer. The tag at the meet said Manbug Sheepfoot, so I’m going with that, even though the catalog lists it as both the Manbug Salt and Manbug Rescue Salt. Whatever the name, this little folder is a must-have for me!

Overall Length:  11,2 cm / 4.40  inches
Blade Length: 4,8 cm / 1.90 inches
Blade Thickness: 2,5 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 23 grams / 0.8 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Lil’ Temperance 3

March 11, 2017

One of my favorite Spyderco knives from the time I really started to get into the brand was the Lil’ Temperance. So I was excited to see an updated concept model float by at the various Amsterdam Meets over the past 10 years. Finally, the Lil’ Temperance 3 has made it to production. As a purist I regret to see that the new Lil’ Temp does not sport that 3D handle anymore. However, I now can get a proper left-handed version. The grip and feel is very close to the original. Even if it comes in basic black, this is on the top of my wish list!

Overall Length:  18,3 cm / 7.19  inches
Blade Length: 7,4 cm / 2.90 inches
Blade Thickness: 4 mm / 0.15 inches
Weight: 113 grams / 4 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Butch Vallotton Lil’ Sub-Hilt

March 11, 2017

The regulare Vallotton sub-hilt did not appeal to me at all; too big, too narrow, too heavy. The Lil’Sub-Hilt however, felt just right in my hand. It reminds me of the vintage Al Mar folders I like so much.

Overall Length:  19 cm / 7.48 inches
Blade Length: 8 cm / 3.14 inches
Blade Thickness: 3.2 mm / 0.12 inches
Weight: 149 grams / 5.25 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Lil’ Nilakka

March 11, 2017

The Lil’ Nilakka will be the first knife Spyderco will only make as a flashbatch, and I’m sure they’ll move fast. The little knife was a bit blocky in the hand, but by no means awkward to hold or operate. It is a hefty little folder though, which is similar –to me- like the full size Nilakka. Pekka seems to prefer hefty strong folders, even when they’re small and elegant like the lil’ Nilakka. I’m looking forward to the release of this cool little knife. Please note that although the blade is marked S30V, the final production version will feature RWL34 steel.

Overall Length:  14,1 cm / 5.57  inches
Blade Length: 5,8 cm / 2.27 inches
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0.11 inches
Weight: 74 grams / 2.60 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Bob Lum Lil’ Lum Blue Nishijin Sprint

March 11, 2017

The Lil’ Lum sprint run with blue nishijin was one of my favorite knives at the meet. The Chinese Folder design is one my longtime favorites in the Spyderco line-up and this small Lum is a really nice gent’s knife that’s even passably lefty-friendly. The blue nishijin is a nice accent for a gent’s knife like this. I’m happy to note that, as I write this, I already got my own blue nishijin Lil’ Lum. So this one can be crossed off the wish list!


Overall Length:  13,6 cm / 5.37  inches
Blade Length: 6 cm / 2.38 inches
Blade Thickness: 2 mm / 0.07 inches
Weight: 51 grams / 1.80 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Karahawk

March 10, 2017

I’m not a Karambit kind of guy, so the new all-black Karahawk doesn’t appeal to me. However, I noticed plenty of knifeknuts at the meet who do like this kind of knife. It’s an aggressive looking cutter, and even a noob like me could get a smooth drawstroke from the pocket with the wave opening feature.

Overall Length:  16,5 cm / 6.50  inches
Blade Length: 6 cm / 2.35 inches
Blade Thickness: 2,5 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 108 grams / 3.8 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Jess Horn Gray G-10 Sprint

March 10, 2017

The Jess Horn Sprint with a full flat ground blade and gray G-10 handle wasn’t exactly a surprise, since it was listed in the Spyderco Catalog. Still, it was nice to see this knife in person and to spend a few minutes with it. I’m only familiar with the FRN ZDP-189 version of the Jess Horn design. Compared to that older sprint run, this gray G10 version seemed a bit ‘blocky’. The fit and finish were very nice on this sample though. And the full flat grind is always a nice touch in a small folder like this.

Overall Length:  15,2 cm / 6.00  inches
Blade Length: 6,6 cm / 2.60 inches
Blade Thickness: 2,3 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 60 grams / 2.10 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Jonny Liao Hundred Pacer

March 9, 2017

The Hundred Pacer was a nice ‘odd’ surprise to me at the meet. I actually googled some pictures of the knife’s slithering namesake, and I have to admit that the knife’s handle pattern and upswept blade really look a lot like the snake. The knife was big and looked very unusual. The handle even looked a bit too blocky to me at first. Picking up the knife, however, made a lot of difference for me. This was a very light folder and that blocky handle seemed surprisingly versatile for different grips. I think Eric mentioned it in one of the SHOT show videos, and I agree that the Hundred Pacer seems to make a wonderful folding kitchen knife. I also like the G-10 pattern on the handle a lot. It’s very different from what Spyderco usually makes. Even though on paper this knife is a bit larger than I usually prefer, I might just add the Hundred Pacer to my wish list. 



Overall Length:  23,5 cm / 9.25 inches
Blade Length: 10,5 cm / 4.13 inches
Blade Thickness: 3,5 mm / 0.13 inches
Weight: 147 grams / 5.18 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Brad Southard Hanan

March 9, 2017

The Hanan was a nice classy little folder. The flipper, combined with the compression lock, worked very well. I’m not a big fan of that plunged grind on the blade, but I love the dropped tip and light recurve. Also, I really liked the handle design with that classic bolster. Some photos might give the impression that the blade is bead blasted, but that is not the case. The blade features a satin finish, that proved either way too shiny in my photos, or a bit dull and almost like it was bead blasted. I mostly chose the latter during photo selection and editing.

Overall Length:  17,5 cm / 6.88  inches
Blade Length: 7,5 cm / 2.95 inches
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0.11 inches
Weight: 82 grams / 2.89 ounces

Spyderco 2017 Production Sample – Martin Genzow Hatchethawk

March 8, 2017

IIRC, the Genzow Hatchethawk featured a polymer handle that had an aluminum rod all the way through it. The hawk seemed very light and well-balanced to me, but I’m not exactly an ‘axe-guy’. Perhaps my fellow meet attendees could chime in with some additional info on this design? Unfortunately, we did not manage to collect any measurements on the Genzow Hatchethawk.