SHOT Show 2017 – New Knives from Spyderco

January 25, 2017

Last week, I visited the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and I got a closer look at some of Spyderco’s new knives for 2017. With Spyderco permission, I used my trusty pocket camera to take some close-up footage of the following knives, in order of appearance:

  • FB39GP Sustain
  • C187CFP2 Rubicon 2
  • FB35SBK ARK Serrated
  • C215GP EuroEdge
  • C170BBKP Karahawk All Black
  • C205GFBLP Lil’ Lum Chinese Folder Blue Nishijin (Sprint Run)
  • C217GS Caribbean Leaf & C217GP2 Caribbean Sheepsfoot
  • C90PBK2 Stretch 2 FRN
  • C69GP3 Lil’ Temperance 3
  • MYLS Manbug Rescue Salt
  • C11FPWCBK Delica 4 Lightweight Wharnecliffe
  • C224GP Lil’ Sub-Hilt

2017 will be another great year for my Spyderco collection and carry rotation! I’m really looking forward to many of the new releases. Judging from brief handling, the new designs that stood out for me were the Lil’ Temperance 3 (great handling and feel, reminiscent of the original), the EuroEdge (impressive grinds and gorgeous handle), Lil’ Lum with blue nishijin scales (the classy colorful handle really makes this a ‘true’ gent’s folder, much better than black G-10) and the Lil’ Sub-Hilt (don’t care much for its bigger brother, but I really like the blade grind, heft and compact size of this one). I’m sure I’ll wind up with a serrated ARK, Wharnecliffe Delica 4, Manbug Rescue Salt and FRN Stretch 2 as well though.  You know how that goes, right?

And in case anyone wonders, I don’t have any information on release dates or pricing. Thanks for watching!

Spyderco 2014 Production Prototype – John Shirley & Sam Owens ARK

March 2, 2014

The first knife that was shown and passed around all attendees, was the Sam Owens designed ARK prototype neck knife. The design apparently came about through forum discussions and ideas. The knife was meant to be carried everywhere and always. This particular design was intended to be a self defense tool for the military to help protect against rape attacks in the showers, from other servicemen. The ARK will feature H1 steel and an injection molded sheath.

To me, the knife was a really nice small and lightweight neck knife. I’m sure it will be a breeze to carry all the time. The extreme curve of the blade should prove useful for many other tasks than just self defense. I would probably add a little lanyard to improve the grip.

Ted was a great help during the meet, and when I asked his help to get me a blade length measurement, he collected way more than that! The measurements of the ARK prototype are approximately as follows:

Overall Length: 12,6 cm / 4.96 inches

Edge Length: 5,5 cm / 2.16 inches

Blade Length: 6,7 cm / 2.63

Blade Thickness: 0,2 cm / 0.07 inches

Sal and Eric provided a lot of information and background stories for each design. Any mistakes in these descriptions are mine alone. If you attended the meet and picked up some other information on this and the other prototypes in this thread, please add that information to this post.








March 4) I received another helpful note today from Sam Owens, regarding the background of the ARK design. He passed the along following from John Shirley, who was ‘the vision and drive’ behind the ARK, regarding the origin and purpose of this very cool little neck knife:

“The problem of sexual assault is not just from service members.  Bases in Afghanistan and Iraq are filled with local and foreign national workers who do the majority of non-tactical tasks on the bases, cleaning and maintaining.  Though under-reported in the media, the sexual assault problem is most definitely NOT solely, and perhaps not even mostly, perpetrated by service members.”

We hope this helps to understand the basis of the problem that led to the ARK design a bit more fully.