Spyderco 2017 Concept Model – Three Blade Standard

March 15, 2017

The last photo post in my Amsterdam Meet Report 2017, is for the Three Blade Standard concept model. This is a variation of the Three Blade Rescue, with a plain edge and two tools more geared towards everyday carry for most people. Please note, this is a concept model, so it can take a while for the Three Blade Standard to become available and the design might be tweaked as well from these pictures. Thanks for watching!

Spyderco 2017 Concept Model – Three Blade Rescue

March 15, 2017

I can round out my Amsterdam Meet (photo) Report with a concept model, as opposed to the production samples, the  Three Blade Rescue! I’m usually not a fan of multi-bladed tools or knives, but this seemed to handle really well. I can’t recall any specific specifications though, and when the presentation part of the meet closed there wasn’t much time to record any measurements. Still, I liked being able to show off a concept model that is still in development. Since this is a concept model, it can take some time and changes, before the Three Blade Rescue comes to market. 

Spyderco 2016 Concept Model – Tadao Terada Kitchen Knife

March 15, 2016

This one’s also known as the K11 Cook’s Knife in the 2016 Spyderco product catalog, so I was nicely surprised to learn that this ‘numbered’ kitchen knife was actually designed by a knife maker called Tadao Terada. The Terada Kitchen Knife handled like a very elegant, thin and light kitchen knife. This thing is probably a veritable laser in the kitchen. I can’t wait to get my own to use in the kitchen, and I’d love to see a serrated version of this design as well.










Overall Length: 26,2 cm / 10.31 inches
Blade Length: 14,7 cm / 5.80 inches
Blade Thickness: 2,3 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 105 grams / 3.70 ounces

Spyderco 2014 Production Prototype – Spin & Concept Model – Bead

March 13, 2014

The Spin is back for a sprint run in blue nishijin glass fiber. The blue handle color was quite striking. I loved the mini bead design; I think it’s a logical evolution from the first beads. Those first larger beads can be quite heavy if you attach them to a very small or lightweight knife.

The Spin combined with this mini bead made for a perfect little carry combo, I could get a full grip on the knife using the mini bead.  Naturally, a tip-up clip would fit even better with the mini bead lanyard.







Spyderco 2013 Concept Model Video – Chaparral 3

March 19, 2013

I saved the Chaparral 3 for the last video I shot at the IWA show. This knife is one of my favorites and Eric Glesser was kind enough to help me shoot this video. Although I have no concrete info, I’m guessing this won’t be a cheap knife. I suspect the handle on this Chaparral 3 takes a lot of machining time, and with those close tolerances, it can’t be cheap. In my opinion, the stepped titanium pattern is even nicer in persan than in video or pictures. The ergos were great too, no sharp edges where they shouldn’t be.

Spyderco 2013 Concept Model Video – ClipiTool

March 18, 2013

Eric Glesser presents the ClipiTool, an upcoming concept model knife/tool combo by Spyderco.

Spyderco 2013 Concept Model – Kiwi G-10

March 7, 2013

Finally we got to see a new version of the venerable Kiwi. Two versions were shown, one version in jigged bone with bolsters and a stepped blade profile, just like the original smaller kiwi, and this G-10 concept model with a smooth blade profile. I thought the enlarged design worked well in the hand. I’m so used to the smaller model, I figured this larger version would feel ‘off’ – it didn’t. Nice and light with a high-tech flair. This could be a nice utility folder, but the black did seem a bit boring. For this gent’s knife I’d personally prefer something like silver G10 or carbon fiber.

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The Kiwi G-10 Concept Model measured as follows:

Blade Length: 7,5 cm / 2.95 inch
Overall Length: 17,1 cm / 6.7 inch