SHOT Show 2017 – New Knives from Spyderco

January 25, 2017

Last week, I visited the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and I got a closer look at some of Spyderco’s new knives for 2017. With Spyderco permission, I used my trusty pocket camera to take some close-up footage of the following knives, in order of appearance:

  • FB39GP Sustain
  • C187CFP2 Rubicon 2
  • FB35SBK ARK Serrated
  • C215GP EuroEdge
  • C170BBKP Karahawk All Black
  • C205GFBLP Lil’ Lum Chinese Folder Blue Nishijin (Sprint Run)
  • C217GS Caribbean Leaf & C217GP2 Caribbean Sheepsfoot
  • C90PBK2 Stretch 2 FRN
  • C69GP3 Lil’ Temperance 3
  • MYLS Manbug Rescue Salt
  • C11FPWCBK Delica 4 Lightweight Wharnecliffe
  • C224GP Lil’ Sub-Hilt

2017 will be another great year for my Spyderco collection and carry rotation! I’m really looking forward to many of the new releases. Judging from brief handling, the new designs that stood out for me were the Lil’ Temperance 3 (great handling and feel, reminiscent of the original), the EuroEdge (impressive grinds and gorgeous handle), Lil’ Lum with blue nishijin scales (the classy colorful handle really makes this a ‘true’ gent’s folder, much better than black G-10) and the Lil’ Sub-Hilt (don’t care much for its bigger brother, but I really like the blade grind, heft and compact size of this one). I’m sure I’ll wind up with a serrated ARK, Wharnecliffe Delica 4, Manbug Rescue Salt and FRN Stretch 2 as well though.  You know how that goes, right?

And in case anyone wonders, I don’t have any information on release dates or pricing. Thanks for watching!

Amsterdam Meet 2015 photo screen test – Part 2

January 22, 2015

I was very happy with the feedback I got on my first batch of ‘screen test photos’. It got me thinking and tinkering to improve the images. Mind you, I still prefer to use natural light, which I use for all my regular photos. However, I need to use artificial light at the Amsterdam Meet, and a set-up that helps me take a few hundred photos that can be quickly processed. I like these a lot better, looks like I’m dialling in to where I want to be…Thanks for watching!










Spyderco Delica Super Blue, Super Cool

February 2, 2014

I am no steeljunkie. In fact, I prefer stainless blade steels because I like their performance just fine and I can keep them looking nice. I love high performance steels, but my inner-collector wants to be able to keep those instruments looking great. This is why I wasn’t terribly excited when the first Super Blue sprint runs came out of the Spyderco factory. Those full Super Blue blades seem to tarnish like the knives of yesteryear. However, a laminated Super Blue sprint was just right for someone like me. It offered a chance and excuse for me to try out this steel, and the blade would still look great afterwards.


When I unpacked the Delica, I was struck by the odd blue/gray color of the handle and the light film of oil on the blade. The Delica is one of my favorite Spyderco designs, so the knife itself was very familiar to me. The edge was something else though. Out of the box, the edge on this Delica sprint run was probably the sharpest I have ever encountered. After a quick switch of the clip to the (for me) proper left-handed location, this folder was ready to go.


Test process
I proceeded to carry and use the Super Blue Delica as my only user for over a month. I thought it would be fun to track the blade’s progress in the accompanying pictures. While the blade excelled in opening all sorts of packages, envelopes etc…, this folder shined in the kitchen. Cutting up fruit and food for dinner, caused the blade to tarnish. I actually started to enjoy this process. Each time I cut up some food items, I was curious to see how the blade would discolor.

delica4superblue_spyderco_blade1 delica4superblue_spyderco_blade2

delica4superblue_spyderco_blade3 delica4superblue_spyderco_blade4

Food prep
This thin sharp Super Blue steel was amazing for food prep. Somehow, the Super Blue steel seemed to cut ‘better’, and the edge seemed to have lasted longer than, say, my ZDP189 blades. After a month I decided to sharpen it and that hair popping edge came right back after only a few swipes on my Sharpmaker. I wasn’t particularly hard on the blade, and the soft 420 steel that was used in the blade’s sandwich was hardly scratched up.


Overall, my little test and experiences with this particular flavor of Delica 4 left me very impressed with Super Blue steel. It’s very sharp and stays that way for a long time, and it sharpens very easily. The discoloration was fun, and it adds a cool look to the rest of the stainless blade. I totally get the appreciation for the full Super Blue sprints now. Still, I’m going to stick with the laminated blades for now and I’m looking forward to the laminated sprint runs. I am, after all, a user and collector.


Spyderco Delica Blue Bone Damascus

May 15, 2011

I got this sprint run Delica a few months ago, when they first came out but I never got around to adding it to my website. It’s a looker for sure and the fit and finish is spectacular. I’ll admit the blue bone handle took some getting used to, but the Damascus blade and anodized titanium bolsters were love at first sight! I really like how the Damascus lines mimick the flow of a river; it nicely complements the blue.

Spyderco Delica 4 FRN White Handle & Ed Schempp Damascus Blade

January 11, 2011

This knife is probably my most extraordinary Delica. Ed Schempp was kind enough to make a Damascus blade for a Delica 4. Once the sprint run White FRN Delica 4 came out, I knew that was the perfect match for this unique blade. The damascus is the stainless variety, raindrop pattern, made by Devin Thomas. Ed made a beautiful blade with a slight recurve in the edge and filework on the spine.

Click for a full size image in a new window

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Flat grind turns Delica into a Calypso Jr

April 13, 2010

The new colored FRN Delicas with full flat grinds are like cat nip to this Delica collector. I love the new colors, but don’t let them distract you from the performance. The full flat grinds make these FRN folders into high end slicers. It really reminds me of an improved Calypso jr.

Sure, the Calypso jr. evolved into the Caly III which is a fine knife, but during its evolution the Calylpso jr. gained some weight. These new Delicas offer the same or better slicing power and sharpness as the original Calypso jr., but it’s still a lightweight folder. The edge and tip are very sharp, but also very thin. These new colored cutters are not the best choice for those looking for the next ‘tacticool’ folder. I know, the colors were a giveaway.

The edge and tip are very sharp, but also very thin. These new colored cutters are not the best choice for those looking for the next ‘tacticool’ folder. I know, the colors were a giveaway. For the disciminating knife user, these colorful Delicas are great refined cutters. The Delica doesn’t have the image of a high-end knife, rather a tough and great workhorse. These versions are the ferraris among Delicas.

I do miss the option of having some teeth in these Delicas, so sacrificed the grey one and swapped that finely flat ground blade with a sabre ground serrated one.

The white Delica in this video was never offered with serrations, only a plainedge. This white Delica has seen my ‘surgery table’ before. The stock thickness between both blade is the same, but that full taper and flat grind would have you believe it’s much thinner than it really is. I certainly hope to switch the blade again in this grey Delica in the near future, for a full flat grind SE blade if that ever becomes reality.

Pocket dump

August 6, 2009

I didn’t have any new stuff on hand, buit I did have a new digicam to try out, so I decided to shoot a little pocket dump.

And my first video done with an actual camcorder and in HD no less.