Rare Spyderco C65 Lum Chinese Folder Variant Video

September 30, 2020

Back in 2016, I showed off this rare variant of the Spyderco C65 Chinese Folder, designed by Bob Lum. Not only is it a sprint run of this iconic design, made with a blue almite aluminum handle, it also demonstrates Spyderco’s engraving service at the time. The web pattern in the handle was laser engraved at the factory. I hope this little video helps to show off this amazingly cool design

The C65 is one of my favorite Spyderco knives, a personal classic, which is why I gave it a spot in my top 5 challenge. Although in one case, I think Spyderco -or one of its dealers- chose a handle color I vehemently disagree with ;-), I still think the Chinese Folder is a design that perfectly combines looks with function. This rare engraved C65 is certainly the grail in my collection of Spyderco Lum Chinese Folders.

Check out the specs and history of the Chinese Folder at SpydieWiki.com.

Customized Spyderco Schempp Balance

February 10, 2018

A few years ago, I got a very nice little folder from knife maker and frequent Spyderco collaborator Ed Schempp; a Balance. It wasn’t just any Balance, it featured some Damascus customization, but with a twist.

You see, Ed didn’t replace the standard VG-10 blade with a Damascus blade. No, he replaced a handle scale with one custom made from Devin Thomas stainless Damascus. It’s a slightly thicker steel than the very thin factory handle scales. And it helps to get a better grip on an already ergonomically designed knife.

The Balance was, in my opinion, the folder for people asking Spyderco to make a small ladybug-type folder with a clip. The regular production version is light, flat and small enough to actually carry on your lapel. The customized Balance, as well as the carbon fiber version, have been in my carry rotation for quite some time now, and they still get a turn every once in a while. They make an especially great carry companion while wearing a suit.

The Spyderco Schempp Balance is rarely seen or discussed and it has been out of production for a few years now. Still, this is an underestimated design in the Spyderco line-up. I predict it will become quite collectible in the future, especially this one…

Click here to see Ed discussing the design of both the Balance and the Equilibrium, and here  for Eric’s presentation of the Balance. Back in 2010, I got to shoot some photos of the prototype Carbon Fiber Balance and in 2011 the prototype Balance in stainless steel.

Spyderco 2014 Prototype Video – Mike Read PITS

March 20, 2014

Finally, a slipit folder design that looks like it could take some hard use! I am very anxious to see this PITS folder, designed by Mike Read, in production.  

I have no information on the pricing or (planned) availability of this knife.

My photos of the PITS folder can be seen here.

Spyderco 2014 Production Prototype – Slysz Bowie

March 12, 2014

The Slysz Bowie folder was a very attractive folder to me. It’s a straightforward ‘simple’ folding knife design, but it had some refined touches.

The spine of the blade was rounded. The integral lock operated very smooth and the blade locked up very well. There’s also a G-10 spacer that features jimping to enhance the grip.  Compared to Slysz’s Techno design, this seemed like a much more light and elegant design. Still, this Bowie folder looked and handled like it should be a hard working knife.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to taking some measurements of the Slysz Bowie. I recall the blade being in the 3.2 – 3.5 inch territory, but I could be off on that. I can’t wait to see this design hitting production and becoming available. I want one!