Spyderco Apple Coral Kopa & Red G10 Persian Sprint

December 2, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this picture, but I’d like to share a few more thoughts and experiences with these knives. I like nothing more than tailoring my EDC to the program of the day, or the season. And fall is an easy season for EDC-tailoring. In addition, with the heavier clothing of the season, it’s also easier to carry a heavier folding knife.

Spyderco Sprint Run Persian
I got the Sprint Run Persian in red G10 about 7 years ago. I happened to be visiting the SFO right on the day that this knife was released. I experienced one of those ‘electric jolts’ and uncontrollably pointed at the knife in the case and said something like: “Can I please check out that new Persian!” At the time, I’ve never held a knife with a smooth G10 handle. I also loved the red color that was previously only reserved for training knives. Awesome knife. I bought it on the spot.

For fall-carry, this Persian works great for me. The red handle evokes the changing colors of the season and the heavier weight works fine when carried IWB in jeans with a belt. As a bonus, the smooth G10 makes this knife very easy to draw and put back in the waistband or pocket. Cutting-wise, I didn’t have many challenges for the Persian when I carried it a few weeks ago. The larger blade helped cut a cake and I appreciated the curve when I helped out slicing & dicing in the kitchen later that evening. More of my experiences with the Persian can be found in this old review.

Check out Spydiewiki for more details on the Spyderco Persian.

Spyderco Apple Coral Kopa
The Apple Coral Kopa has also been a longtime companion for me. Its size and friendly color makes it a very nice non-knife-people-friendly knife. It has helped a few people over the years, to grasp my ‘insane fascination with knives’. I also frequently carry a Kopa at the office, for that same reason. Another reason is that it just works amazingly well, since I got my first Kopa many years ago. It’s like having a portable zipper for opening the mail and other packaging. On top of that it’s a great small folding paring knife for fruit snacks etc.… The coral is a porous material and I’m curious how it will hold up in the future. So far, it’s doing great.

Find out more about the Spyderco Kopa on Spydiewiki.com.

Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2017 Photography Practice

February 19, 2017

It’s almost that time of year again, when Spyderco comes to Amsterdam to give us European knifeknuts a look at the new prototypes that are in development in Golden, Colorado, USA, Earth. I hope to be able to create a, hopefully passable, meet report again this year. A few weeks ago, I dusted off my portable photo studio and got in some practice. I usually shoot outside, so I need the practice with this portable indoors set-up.


Photography for the Amsterdam Meet is an interesting event. It’s a lot of fun and it can get pretty hectic. Spyderco usually brings about 50 prototypes that sail by my table after 80 knifeknuts handled it. With that amazing amount of prototypes, there’s no time for me to change light set-ups, camera settings or to carefully adjust position, distance etc. So I’m aiming for more for a ‘well-oiled production process’ rather than ‘fine-tuning every single shot’. I shoot as much as I can and afterwards I puzzle which prototypes can be published and which cannot. Then I edit and upload them as soon as possible, after attending the IWA trade Show in Germany (i.e. European SHOT Show).


I’m happy with these results. I definitely see some areas for improvement, but I think they’re better than the photos I took last year. Mind you, I have no illusion about my skills. I’m certainly no @sharpbycoop. Just an amateur enthusiast who loves Spyderco knives. Thanks for watching!


Spyderco C98 Poliwog
amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_poliwog_1 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_poliwog_4

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_poliwog_7 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_poliwog_8

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_poliwog_9 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_poliwog_11


Spyderco C92TQP Kopa Turqoise
amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_2 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_4

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_5 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_6

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_7 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_8

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_10 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_kopa_11

Spyderco C114 Delica 4 Lightweight Flatground Purple

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_delica_1 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_delica_2

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_delica_3 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_delica_5


amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_delica_8 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_delica_9


Spyderco C81GCMO2 Paramilitary 2 Camo
amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_2 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_4

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_8 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_9

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_10 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_12

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_14 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_pm2_15


Spyderco C54GBN Calypso
amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_5 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_7

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_8 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_9

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_10 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_11

amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_1 amsterdammeet2017_practice_spyderco_caly_2


More practice with the new lightbox

February 11, 2015

I was happy with my results so far, but I wanted to get more practice with the new portable lightbox and set-up for the Amsterdam Meet pictures. It helped to work out some kinks and what to look out for when shooting the photos.















My submission for the 2014 Spyderco Calendar Contest

July 29, 2013

Spyderco decided to run another calendar contest this year. Despite my horrible track record, I decided to try an idea I had last time.

Click for a full size image in a new window

I think every calendar needs a photo that is made specifically for a particular season. That is why I pictured a Spyderco-themed Christmas dinner table setting, with a different spydie to be used for each course. The bowl featuring the entrée is filled with iron and a 😉 . Christmas often brings a sense of nostalgia, so I chose three all-time classic Spyderco designs for this photo.

Knives pictured, left to right:
C07S Police
C69G Li’l Temperance
C92TCP Kopa Tiger Coral

Forum Name: Mr Blonde

Spyderco Calendar Contest

July 10, 2010

The calendar contest on the spyderco forums is over. I didn’t win, but I applaud the winners – there were some really nice entries from my fellow forumites. Since the contest is over, I figured I’d share my photoselection here – to at least show some fresh content.

The contest started just as I was preparing for my vacation. That and taking care of a 1omonth old, seriously limits one’s free time for something as trivial as taking pictures of knives 😉 . Still, I managed to get an hour to set up this shot of my trusty tiger coral kopa. In the end I didn’t quite like the quality and composition. The butt of the knife isn’t as crisply shot as it should be and I felt the composition was to cluttered.

Salt 1
At my vacation address, a luxury farm house in the south of France, we had our own pool. I couldn’t resist trying to take a few shots of my Salt 1 in its natural environment. However the idea didn’t pan out, the macro shots and my lack of skills couldn’t make it clear that this was a really nice pool with a view. This one was funny, but should have been shot in murky outdoor water, it kind of looks like a crocodile in the water.

UKPK Drop Point
The UKPK Drop Point was my main carry folder throughout my vacation and I found two spots that made for some nice macro backgrounds. The garden of our farmhouse contained cherry and wallnut trees. I ended up using the last picture to enter the contest.

Pocket Dump, January 2010

January 25, 2010

One of my subscribers requested another pocket dump video, so here you go. Lots of Spyderco and Surefire as you can see. If you have any requests, leave reply.

Click on the YouTube logo or here, to see this clip in a larger size.