Video: Military 2 – Spyderco Design Production Sample 2023

March 11, 2023

This Spyderco Military 2 production sample was shown at the 2023 Spyderco Amsterdam Meet.  I shot the video in portrait mode, so it’s optimized for phones (I’ll post it on my Instagram too @thatspydercollector), which might come off a bit strange if you’re watching this on a desk- or laptop.

For a more detailed look, photos and information, go to my earlier post on the Military 2 production sample.

Military 2 – Spyderco Design Production Sample 2023

March 8, 2023

Since its introduction in 1997, the Military has seen a few improvements and refinements. Now it’s been given the upgrade many were looking for, after the success of the Para Military 2. The most notable features of the Military 2 are the compression lock and the 4-way clip mounting option. To support these design-upgrades, the Military 2 features nested liners; similar to the Para Military 2. The lanyard hole has also been enlarged compared to the original C36 Military. There are a few other changes too, such as a larger choil and more expansion at the pommel or back of the handle.

The linerlock on the original C36 Military has performed well for me, but I think most will agree that the compression lock is better for most people and most applications. I look forward to all the different Military 2 variations, exclusives and sprints that undoubtedly will be made in the coming years.


Closed: 5.51 inch / 140 mm
Overall: 9.51 inch / 242 mm
Blade: 4.00 inch / 102 mm
Edge: 3.65 inch / 93 mm
Thickness: 0.145 in 3.7 mm
Steel: CPM S30V
Weight: 4.3 oz / 122 g
Grind: Full-flat
Lock: Compression
Handle: G-10
Carry: Ambi
Clip: 4-position
Origin: USA

I have no information on pricing or release dates.