Spyderco 2012 Prototype – Dodo Orange G10 Sprint Run

March 5, 2012

The Dodo lives again, at least long enough for a sprint run in orange G10. It was Eric’s first design he made for Spyderco back in ’98.

It features a ‘naked’ ball bearing lock and a single spacer that houses the lock. I love the fact that there are no liners in this knife. Eric was proud to explain that this sprint run was not ‘just the same knife with a color change’. Apparently, the Dodo has been completely re-engineered for this sprint run. This edition uses a blind stop pin and features refinements on the blade’s tang and the ramps for the ball bearing. This sprint Dodo is made to closer tolerances than the first one. The spine of the blade is no longer bead blasted but machined to a nice polish. According to Eric, comparing the first Dodo to this sprint run is good example of the progress the factory in Golden has made over the years.

I have used and carried a Dodo a lot when they first came out, and I still occasionally clip on my blue Dodo. This new sprint run seemed to feel more tightly constructed than the old version, if that makes sense. But I didn’t have my old Dodo to compare the two properly.

Eric did announce a new sprint after this Orange G10. Right now the idea is to make another sprint run with a carbon fiber handle and a ceramic ball. Remember this idea is still long way from production – there was not even a concept model of this proposed idea for a sprint run.