Spyderco 2017 Prototypes Overview

March 23, 2017

Thank you all for following my posts of the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet! I appreciate all the kind words and comments. I do think some photos barely passed muster though, but others turned out really well I think. The real stars, however, are the amazing designs from Spyderco and the custom makers they collaborate with. I’ve collected all the 2017 Spyderco Productions Samples and Concept Models in the overview below. Click on the prototype name of thumbnail image to check out all the photos and videos of that designs. I’ve also added this overview to the Prototypes page, where you can find my prototype photos from years past.

Alycone, ATR, Caly 3 HAP40

Chaparral Rafir Noble, Chinook 4, D’Allara 3

Dog Tag Gen 4, Double Stuff, Fish Hunter

Hatchethawk, Hanan, Hundred Pacer

Jess Horn Grey G-1o, All-Black Karahawk, Lil’ Lum Nishijin

Lil’ Nilakka, Lil’ Subhilt, Lil’ Temperance 3

Manbug Sheepfoot, Manix 2 Back Lock, Meerkat HAP40

One-Eyed Jack, Opus, Para 3 Camo

Paul Alexander Design, Q-Ball, Salt 2 & Tasman Salt 2

Three Blade Rescue, Three Blade Standard