Spyderco 2017 Prototypes Overview

March 23, 2017

Thank you all for following my posts of the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet! I appreciate all the kind words and comments. I do think some photos barely passed muster though, but others turned out really well I think. The real stars, however, are the amazing designs from Spyderco and the custom makers they collaborate with. I’ve collected all the 2017 Spyderco Productions Samples and Concept Models in the overview below. Click on the prototype name of thumbnail image to check out all the photos and videos of that designs. I’ve also added this overview to the Prototypes page, where you can find my prototype photos from years past.

Alycone, ATR, Caly 3 HAP40

Chaparral Rafir Noble, Chinook 4, D’Allara 3

Dog Tag Gen 4, Double Stuff, Fish Hunter

Hatchethawk, Hanan, Hundred Pacer

Jess Horn Grey G-1o, All-Black Karahawk, Lil’ Lum Nishijin

Lil’ Nilakka, Lil’ Subhilt, Lil’ Temperance 3

Manbug Sheepfoot, Manix 2 Back Lock, Meerkat HAP40

One-Eyed Jack, Opus, Para 3 Camo

Paul Alexander Design, Q-Ball, Salt 2 & Tasman Salt 2

Three Blade Rescue, Three Blade Standard


Spyderco 2016 Prototypes Overview

April 20, 2016

I’ve collected all the 2016 Spyderco Prototypes in the overview below. Click on the prototype name of thumbnail image to check out all the photos and videos. I’ve also added this overview to the Prototypes page.

ATR, Brend/Pirela Mamba, Cara Cara 2 Ti
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_ATR_closed_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_mamba_tip_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_caracara2titanium_pivot

Dragonfly HAP40, Lil’ Lum, Ouroboros
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_dragonflyhap40_blade_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_lillum_halfopen spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_ouroboros_clipside

Robin 2 Ti, Reinhold Rhino, Rubicon G10/CF
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_robin2titanium_grooves spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_reinholdrino_clippoint_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_rubicong10cf_pivot

Ladybug HAP40, Pattada, Nirvana
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_ladybughap40_closed_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_pattada_clipside spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_nirvana_handlespine

Lil’ Nilakka, Native 5 40th Anniversary, Magnitude
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_lilnilakka_tip spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_native5040thanniversary_blade_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_magnitude_clipside

TAC 1s, Sage 5, Jumpmaster 2
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_tac1s spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_sage5_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_jumpmaster2

Meadowlark 2 Ti, Terada Kitchen Knife, Rock Salt Sprint
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_meadowlark2titanium_pivot spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_conceptmodel_teradakitchenknife_blade_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_rocksalt_handle

Snap-It Salt, Sustain, Packer
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_snapit_closed_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_sustain_blade_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_packer


Video: Spyderco Booth at IWA 2016

April 10, 2016

A short video impression of the Spyderco Booth at the 2016 IWA Show in Nuremberg Germany. I included some close-up footage, which starts at 1:41 , of some of my favorite new designs this year. These include the Nirvana, Mamba and Native 5 40th Anniversary prototypes.

Video: Spyderco Amsterdam Meet 2016 – Interview with Eric Glesser

March 24, 2016

One last encore. After the meet finished, I filmed this little interview with Spyderco Eric’s Glesser in which he shares his thoughts on the Amsterdam Meet. Thanks for watching!

Amsterdam Meet 2016 Report of Spyderco Prototypes

March 9, 2016

I just got back from the wonderful IWA Show in Germany; I tossed my laundry in a corner and fired up my computer to start finishing the pictures for my first posts. I’ll continue posting new prototypes in the next few days. Please feel free to re-post and share these images and information. If you’d like to edit these images, try to make it clear that these are either concept models, production prototypes or production samples. I add this information in the images, to make clear that these knives aren’t available yet. I’d also appreciate a source credit for the images. And if you’d like to use these images for commercial purposes, please contact me first.

I felt the 2016 Meet was a great success, thanks to Eric, Kelly, Joyce, Jur, Ted, Martien, Nemo and the rest of the Spydercrew back in Golden. They all contributed to a great event! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be there and take some pictures and notes that I can share. Each meet is a very special event and I sincerely appreciate this opportunity to see the prototypes and to discuss them with the Spydercrew and fellow knifeknuts. Eric loves feedback, so don’t be shy to comment on the designs I can show you in this thread.

Eric shared a lot of information and background stories for each design. And Ted was a great help in collecting measurements and weights. Any mistakes in these descriptions are mine. If you attended the meet and picked up some other information on this and the other prototypes in this thread, please add that information to this thread.

Now, let’s start the show!

Spyderco 2014 Prototypes Overview

April 21, 2014

I finally got around to organizing all my posts of the upcoming Spyderco prototypes for 2014. Here’s all of them combined in one overview. Also see my prototype page, for a collection of links and thumbnails leading to all the Spyderco prototypes I photographed over the years.

Shirley & Owens ARK, Diaconescu Battlestation, Bradley Fixed Blade
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productuctionprototype_ARK&sheath spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_battlestation_clipside spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_bradleyfixedblade_1

Burch Chubby, Dice, Panchenko Dog Tag Folder
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_chubby_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_dice_flipper spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_dogtagfolder_closed_3

Dragonfly Super Blue, Endura Ti / Damascus, Carey Firefly
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_dragonflysuperblue_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_enduratidamascus_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_firefly_halfopen

Schempp Frontier, Knutson Introvert, Mehr K2
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_frontier_inhand_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_conceptmodel_introvert_inhand_3 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_K2_halfopen

Kiwi G-10, Pauletta Lil’ LionSpy, Mike Draper
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_kiwig10 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_lillionspy spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_mikedraper

Native 5 Lightweight, Paramilitary 2 Composite, Lum Tanto Sprint
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_native5lightweight_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_paramilitary2compositesprint_blade_3 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_lumtanto_2

Read PITS, Roadie, Panchenko Roc
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_PITS_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_roadie_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_roc_blade

Carey Rubicon, Slysz Bowie, Southard flipper in All-Black
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_rubicon spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_slyszbowie spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_southardallblack

Spin & Concept Model – Bead, Spy-DK, Tatanka
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_spin&minibead_conceptmodel_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_spydk_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_tatanka_handle

Worker G-10

Copyright concerning my photos from the Spyderco Amsterdam Meet

March 3, 2013

Due to some incidents following the pictures I posted from last year’s meet, I conferred with the Spydercrew and I would like to start this thread by specifically explaining my terms of use for these pictures.

Non-commercial use
To me, this meet and the opportunity to take and post these photos is intended first and foremost for the knifeknuts. If you would like to use, repost, edit etc… any of my pictures for non-commercial use, then you are more than welcome. I would request that you maintain (or add it – in case of editing) my website link www.spydercollector.com as the source for the original image, and the fact that the knife pictured is a prototype. In fact, I would like to encourage you to use these images creatively on your blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram etc…. as long as it´s for non-commercial use.

Commercial use
 If you would like to use my images for commercial purposes, e.g. to advance the sale in your web shop, contact me at mrblonde[AT]spydercollector[DOT]com first, to discuss terms of use. Using my images or any part of them in any altered form for commercial use is not allowed without my express written permission. If a discussion should arise whether a particular form of use is considered commercial or not, I will make the final determination to assert my copyright.