Spyderco Pilgrimage no. 3

November 28, 2008

One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was in the US again and very close to Golden. So I couldn’t help myself and pop over to attend the annual factory seconds sale, where less-than-perfect-but-fully-functional-spydies are sold at bargain prices. I didn’t take much pictures because there were so many fellow knifeknuts to talk to. I did notice a few new items at spyderco’s HQ.

For one thing, there is now a huge(!)  US flag indicating where Spyderco HQ is located. You really can’t miss it when you drive past the factory on the I-95. Inside, some steel relics from the World Trade Center are displayed. Spyderco used parts of these authentic girders to make the inlays on the D’Allara WTC commemorative knife.


The lettering and design has changed into the current black and red box design, it looks very nice!