R Nishijin Sprint Run

April 18, 2012

I did pick up a few new spydies over the past few months, but the Amsterdam Meet and becoming a father again did take me away from my regular posts. Now, I’m enjoying a few days off to enjoy my new baby girl. The house is all asleep now, so finally some ‘me-time’. Time to show off my new R Nishijin Carbon Fiber sprint run.

At the Amsterdam Meet Eric Glesser explained some aspects of Nishijin Carbon Fiber. The pattern on each knife is a different, something I did notice when comparing the R sprint with my Lum Chinese Folder sprint. IIRC, this particular pattern of weaving carbon fiber is similar to a type of weaving used for kimonos. At one time a video of a Japanese car manufacturer found its way to YouTube. It showed how this Nishijin carbon fiber was woven. Unfortunately, it was taken off YouTube again in 15 minutes. Spyderco can’t get the information from the manufacturer; the production process of this type of carbon fiber is proprietary.

It doesn’t really show in these pics, but this Nishijin carbon fiber has a really smooth and shiny surface. It’s not very grippy, but the pattern is very pleasing to the eye. The new Nishijin R is a bit heavier than my other two Rs. The edges on the handle are nicely beveled, much more than the previous R editions. This Nishijn R is the first plainedge R in my collection, I´m curious how it will perform.

The R2 Sprint was my first introduction to this model and it was love at first sight. I always like to carry a serrated spydie for backup and serious cutting chores, while a plainedge takes care of all daily tasks. The R2 in SE is perfect for this role as it’s very lightweight and easy to carry. The size, blade length and cutting ability of the R is just right for me. The dimensions and ergos are very close to my favorite utility EDC, the Stretch 2. The Original R is as light as air. The slotted blade isn’t very user friendly, but I do carry it sometimes. In a perfect world, the Nishijn R (or R3?) would come with a serrated edge but I’m very happy with the knife as is. The ergos are great for me, much better than an Endura. It’s kind of odd that this design never really took off.

Click to read my review of the R2, even though it’s filed under ‘collectibles’ I still carry it often. I updated the R-family pics with the new Nishijin R.