Spyderco Pilgrimage no. 3

November 28, 2008

One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was in the US again and very close to Golden. So I couldn’t help myself and pop over to attend the annual factory seconds sale, where less-than-perfect-but-fully-functional-spydies are sold at bargain prices. I didn’t take much pictures because there were so many fellow knifeknuts to talk to. I did notice a few new items at spyderco’s HQ.

For one thing, there is now a huge(!)  US flag indicating where Spyderco HQ is located. You really can’t miss it when you drive past the factory on the I-95. Inside, some steel relics from the World Trade Center are displayed. Spyderco used parts of these authentic girders to make the inlays on the D’Allara WTC commemorative knife.


The lettering and design has changed into the current black and red box design, it looks very nice!


My Second Spyderco Pilgrimage

November 17, 2006

Following our great experiences of our visit to Spyderco last year, we couldn’t resist and planned another vacation of beautiful Golden, Colorado. This time, I took plenty of pictures inside the Outlet Store.

Entering the Spyderco Factory Outlet Store, I immediately noticed the great H1 display. It was set up to look like a fish tank!


Naturally, I had to get some shirts. The monthly Native giveaway for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is much appreciated. Many servicemen sent thank you letters and souvenirs from their unit to Spyderco (right).


This display features all the Native models that have been made. The other side (right) features more details about the Native giveaway for US troops.


Onto the knives, time to do some shopping!  The display cases were organized by theme: Outdoor folders, Save and Serve models, Byrd knives etc…


More Save and Serve Models and some of the knives I sampled (right) before purchasing most of them!


Spyderco Factory Visit

September 12, 2005

In 2005 I got married and my wonderful wife recommended we used our honeymoon to go to Colorado to visit Spyderco HQ and see what else the Golden area has to offer to tourists. How could I refuse?

Driving on the I-95 north out of Golden we passed this tiny sign (below left) and we followed its instructions. Passing the building pictured in the middle we wondered if that was ‘it’. We found out later that it was used for ‘special projects’ ;-). Making our way to the main parking lot in front of the factory we noticed another hint that we were in the right spot…


Note the license plates on this SUV. The Spydercrew uses this car for attending knifeshows that can be reached by car. Turning around we saw the large Spyderco sign in all its glory, we were at the ‘source’! The font and lettering on the facade was in the style of the old white boxes (packaging), while the doormat featured the design on the grey knife boxes.


The reception desk and the waiting area for visitors on the right. Notice all the knife awards, there were lots. Behind the reception desk is a large atrium filled with plants and…


…plenty of plaques on the wall. Some were donations like this one in the middle from the SEALs. Apparently SEAL Team 5 carries serrated edge. The glass ornament was made by a local artist. It’s visible from this window in the atrium looking into the Outlet Store.


The second floor features offices and the walls are adorned by a lot of patents. Sal tinkers with more than just knives, and I use the term ‘tinkering’ carefully. The center picture shows a view on the reception desk from the second floor. My picture taking pretty much ended at the front door of the Outlet Store (right). I wanted both hands free to sample all the knives!


I will confess that I was in the passenger seat on our drive back to the hotel. I needed my hands free to peek into all the little boxes I bought and to go through all the catalogs and magazines! I paused to take this picture close to the entry on the I-95. Spyderco is located on 820 Spyderco Way.

The visit was great! I can really recommend this part of Colorado, even without visiting Spyderco HQ. The surrounding mountains and towns were really nice. The food was awesome and the tour of the Coors factory included plenty of free and full size samples!