Spyderco 2018 Production Sample – Marcin Slysz Techno 2

March 7, 2018

The Techno 1 is, to me, a wonderfully quirky design. That massive overbuilt little beast still cuts like many much more ‘dainty’ knife designs. The Techno 2, was noticeably thinner. Although I appreciate the new blade profile and bright green anodized stand-offs, I’m not sure yet I like the thinner profile. Since these changes come from customer requests, for the custom version mind you, so I’m in the minority here.

Overall Length: 15,1 cm / inches
Blade Length: 6,5 cm / inches
Blade Thickness: 4 mm / inches
Weight: 100 grams / ounces

Spyderco Prototypes 2007

February 21, 2010

These Spyderco production prototypes were shown at the 2007 Amsterdam Meet.





Rescue wave


Micro Dyad

Ladybug 3 stainless steel handle

Ladybug 3 FRN handle

Kopa quince

Kopa MOP abalone

Kopa jigged bone

Kiwi MOP abalone


H1 utility

H1 dive knife blunt tip

H1 dive knife sharp tip

Saver salt

Edura with ZDP189 blade

Stretch 2

Caly 3 with ZDP 189 blade

Endura waved trainer

Delica waved trainer

Dragonfly etched 

Cricket etched

Spin etched



Whale rescue