Video: SpyOpera Sprint Run – Max Design Production Sample 2023

March 13, 2023

This SpyOpera Sprint Run was shown at the 2023 Spyderco Amsterdam Meet. 

For a more detailed look, photos and information, go to my earlier post on the SpyOpera Sprint Run.

SpyOpera Sprint Run – Max Design Production Sample 2023

March 9, 2023

The SpyOpera Sprint Run has already been revealed in … Reveal 11 in 2022. Seeing it ‘in the flesh’, or rather ‘in the steel and carbon fiber’ is something else. It is a stunning piece, a great collectible and/or gent’s folder. The SpyOpera will be made in a Sprint Run of about 1500 pieces. The carbon fiber is of impressive quality. The machining of the 3D handles shows no voids or holes, just a tight and clean pattern of carbon fibers. It also has titanium liners and a crowned spine. The lanyard hole is another impressive feat of engineering and machining from the Italian maker of this sprint run SpyOpera.  


Closed: 4.03 inch / 102 mm
Overall: 6.90 inch / 175 mm
Blade: 2.90 inch / 74 mm
Edge: 2.72 inch / 69 mm
Thickness: 0.118 inch / 3.0 mm
Steel: Damasteel DS93X
Weight:  2.7 oz / 77g
Grind: Full-flat
Lock: Back Lock
Handle: Carbon Fiber
Carry: Ambi
Clip: Tip-up
Origin: Italy

I have no information on pricing or release dates.