French Cook Knife

A very special gift! This is one great kitchen knife, a true Spyderco classic.

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Click for a full size image in a new window



2 Responses to French Cook Knife

  1. […] The ‘best cut of the summer’ goes to my Spyderco French Cook knife. We celebrated my daughter’s sixth birthday and that required a cake. And a cake requires cutting. My wife created this wonderful princess cake. I was happy to cut the cake together with my daughter, using this great knife. […]

  2. Inanna Baskan says:

    A French cook knife is excellent for chopping nuts or vegetables or whatever.
    The left hand holds the point of the knife against the wood, and the right hand raises the handle and brings the knife down over the items to be chopped. The result is evenly chopped food with a minimum of effort or skill.
    (If you are left handed, reverse the right and left in the instruction above.)

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