For many years, I have been fortunate enough to be invited to shoot pictures of all new Spyderco Production prototypes. These are generally shown at knife shows and the Amsterdam Meets we’ve had in the Netherlands. Apart from production prototypes, Spyderco also shows ´concept models´ which are prototypes in an earlier phase of development. Photos of concept models are usually ´verboten´, with some exceptions. In general, I can only show you production prototypes and production samples.  On this page I will collect all photos and videos of the Spyderco production prototypes and samples I’ve shot over the  years.

Also see my copyright information concerning these photos and all my other content.

2023 – Spyderco Production Samples

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_military2_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_lightweightnativechief_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_stretch2xlnishijin_1
Military 2, Native Chief Lightweight, Stretch 2 XL Nishijin

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_paramilitary2salt_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_spyoperasprintrun_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_lilnativewharncliffe_1
Para Military 2 Salt, SpyOpera Sprint Run, Lil’ Native Wharncliffe

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_microjimbo_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_lilnativelightweight_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_manbugleaf_1
MicroJimbo, Lil’ Native Lightweight, Manbug Leaf

spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_countercritter_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2023_spydercollector_sharpkeeper_1
Counter Critter, SharpKeeper

2019 – Spyderco Production Samples and Concept Models
Photos and First Impressions

Police 4 Lightweight, Endela, Dragonfly 2 Emerson Opener

Dragonfly 2 Wharncliffe, Small Efficient, Emphasis

Sage 5 Lightweight, Native Chief, BaliYo

Byrd Harrier

2018 – Spyderco Production Samples and Concept Models
Photos and First Impressions

Parata, Nati Amor, Jim Ankerson/Darrin Sanders

Brouwer, Amalgam, Jonathan McNees

Alistair Phillips, Reinhold Rhino, Paysan

Techno 2, Kevin Smock, Hanan

Lil’ Native Backlock, Mantra 3, ClipiTool Rescue

Respect, ClipiTool Standard, Zoomer

2017 – Spyderco Production Samples and Concept Models
Photos and First Impressions

Alycone, ATR, Caly 3 HAP40

Chaparral Rafir Noble, Chinook 4, D’Allara 3

Dog Tag Gen 4, Double Stuff, Fish Hunter

Hatchethawk, Hanan, Hundred Pacer

Jess Horn Grey G-1o, All-Black Karahawk, Lil’ Lum Nishijin

Lil’ Nilakka, Lil’ Subhilt, Lil’ Temperance 3

Manbug Sheepfoot, Manix 2 Back Lock, Meerkat HAP40

One-Eyed Jack, Opus, Para 3 Camo

Paul Alexander Design, Q-Ball, Salt 2 & Tasman Salt 2

Three Blade Rescue, Three Blade Standard

2016 – Spyderco Concept Models, Production Prototypes and Production Samples
Photos, Videos and First Impressions

ATR, Brend/Pirela Mamba, Cara Cara 2 Ti
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_ATR_closed_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_mamba_tip_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_caracara2titanium_pivot

Dragonfly HAP40, Lil’ Lum, Ouroboros
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_dragonflyhap40_blade_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_lillum_halfopen spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_ouroboros_clipside

Robin 2 Ti, Reinhold Rhino, Rubicon G10/CF
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_robin2titanium_grooves spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_reinholdrino_clippoint_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_rubicong10cf_pivot

Ladybug HAP40, Pattada, Nirvana
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_ladybughap40_closed_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_pattada_clipside spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_nirvana_handlespine

Lil’ Nilakka, Native 5 40th Anniversary, Magnitude
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_lilnilakka_tip spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_native5040thanniversary_blade_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_magnitude_clipside

TAC 1s, Sage 5, Jumpmaster 2
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_tac1s spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_sage5_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_jumpmaster2

Meadowlark 2 Ti, Terada Kitchen Knife, Rock Salt Sprint
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionprototype_meadowlark2titanium_pivot spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_conceptmodel_teradakitchenknife_blade_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_rocksalt_handle

Snap-It Salt, Sustain, Packer
spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_snapit_closed_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_sustain_blade_1 spyderco_amsterdammeet2016_productionsample_packer


2015 – Spyderco Concept Models, Production Prototypes and Production Samples
Photos, Videos and First Impressions

Ark, Bradley Folder 2, Dog Tag Folder Black G-10/CF
spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_bradleyfolder2_standing spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionsample_dogtagfolderblackg-10cf

Firefly, ION, Li’l Lum
spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_firefly_standing spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_ION spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_lillum

Li’l Temperance 2, Mamba, Mike Draper
spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_mamba_clipside spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionsample_mikedraper_standing_1

Myrtle, Nirvana, Pingo – Polished Ti
spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_nirvana spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_pingopolishedti

Raven 2, Roadie, Squeak – Polished Ti
spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_roadie_reverse spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_squeakpolishedti_standing_2

Squarehead, Tighe Stick, Vrango
spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_tighestick spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_vrango_clipside

Sprig, Reverse, Ronin 2
 spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_reverse spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_ronin2

Endeavour, Bradley Bowie, SzaboHawk
spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_bradleybowie_reverse spyderco_amsterdammeet2015_productionprototype_szabohawk

2014 – Spyderco Concept Models, Production Prototypes and Production Samples
Photos, Videos and First Impressions

Shirley & Owens ARK, Diaconescu Battlestation, Bradley Fixed Blade
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productuctionprototype_ARK&sheath spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_battlestation_clipside spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_bradleyfixedblade_1

Burch Chubby, Dice, Panchenko Dog Tag Folder
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_chubby_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_dice_flipper spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_dogtagfolder_closed_3

Dragonfly Super Blue, Endura Ti / Damascus, Carey Firefly
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_dragonflysuperblue_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_enduratidamascus_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_firefly_halfopen

Schempp Frontier, Knutson Introvert, Mehr K2
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_frontier_inhand_2 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_conceptmodel_introvert_inhand_3 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_K2_halfopen

Kiwi G-10, Pauletta Lil’ LionSpy, Mike Draper
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_kiwig10 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_lillionspy spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_mikedraper

Native 5 Lightweight, Paramilitary 2 Composite, Lum Tanto Sprint
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_native5lightweight_clip spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_paramilitary2compositesprint_blade_3 spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_lumtanto_2

Read PITS, Roadie, Panchenko Roc
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_PITS_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_roadie_blade spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_roc_blade

Carey Rubicon, Slysz Bowie, Southard flipper in All-Black
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_rubicon spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_slyszbowie spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_southardallblack

Spin & Concept Model – Bead, Spy-DK, Tatanka
spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionprototype_spin&minibead_conceptmodel_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_spydk_handle spyderco_amsterdammeet2014_productionsample_tatanka_handle

Worker G-10

2013 – Spyderco Concept Models, Production Prototypes and Production Samples
Photos, Videos and First Impressions

Alex Diaconescu Battle Station, Chaparral 3, ClipiTools

Cricket Blue Nishijin, Delica Titanium Damascus, Domino

Dragonfly Pink, Dyad Sprint, Ed Schempp Equilibrium

Gabor Szakonyi Hungarian Ethnic Folder, Jot Singh Khalsa, Karahawk

Chad Los Banos Lava Blue G10, Mike Draper, Spin Blue Nishijin

Kiwi G-10, Laci Szabo Folder Black, Delica Super Blue

Fred Perrin Black, Serrata

Also check out my video of the Matriarch with Emerson Opener prototype

2012 – Spyderco Production Prototypes
Photos, Videos and First Impressions

Gayle Bradley Air, Orange Dodo Sprint, Foundry

Native 5 Fluted TiPekka Tuominen Puukko & Nilakka

Laci Szabo Folder, Caly 3 Damascus Sprint, Lum Tanto FB Sprint

Chaparral Titan Stealth, Brad Southard Folder, Caly 3.5 ZDP189/CF

Ulrich Hennicke Ulize, Beads, Cricket Nishijin

Meerkat Burgundy Sprint, Manbug Bolsters/G-10, Wilson South Fork

Fred Perrin Streetbowie, Bob Terzuola Starmate, Marcin Slysz Techno

Ed Schempp Tuff, Li’l Matriarch, Pink Squeak, Manix 2 Ltwt Black Handle

2011 – Spyderco Production Prototypes
Videos are included on most of the prototypes´ pages

Des Horn Folder, Yojimbo 2Ed Schempp Balance SS, Chaparral CF

Dragonfly H1, Native 5 G10 & Fluted Ti, Manix 2 FRN, Ladybug Tattoo

Dyad Sprint, Updated Spring for FRN Slipits,  Squeak, Ayoob Sprint

Lum Tanto Sprint, Szabo Folder, Military Fluted Ti, Junior, Navaja

Tuff, SpyLeone, Vallotton Folder, Pygmy Warrior, Carpenter, Techno

Manbug, Southfork, Puukko, Delica Damascus Sprint, Manix 2 FRN


2011 – Byrd Production Prototype

Tern Slipit

2010 – Spyderco Production Prototypes
Pictures, Videos and Descriptions

Part 1:
Ed Schempp Balance, Jason Breeden Rescue,  Kiwi slipit, FRN Manix 2


Part 2:
Matriarch Sprint Run, Grasshopper, Native 4, Damascus Delica Sprint


Part 3:
Caly 3.5, Chinese Folder Carbon Fiber, Chinese Folder Extra Large,
Super Leaf, Sage 3, UKPK FRN, UKPK Titanium, UKPK Carbon Fiber


Part 4:
Shabaria Sprint, Paramilitary 2, Fred Perrin 3-1/8″, Jens Anso Zulu,
Laci Szabo Folder

Scoop: Dialex Junior Concept Model

2010 – Production Prototype Videos
Click here to see all the videos I shot of the prototypes. Including the Ed Schempp Balance, Sage 3, Paramilitary 2, Caly 3.5, Manix 2 FRN, Fred Perrin PPT, Jens Anso Zulu, UK Penknives in FRN/Ti/CF, Matriarch Sprint run and the Bob Lum Chinese Folders.

2010 – Byrd Production Prototypes


2009 – Spyderco Production Prototypes

2009 – Byrd Production Prototype

2008 – Spyderco Prototypes

2008 – Byrd Prototype

2007 – Spyderco Prototypes


2007 – Byrd Prototypes


2006 – Spyderco Prototypes


2006 – Byrd Prototypes

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  1. Cetateanu Marius says:

    Greetings from Romania,Europe.
    I am a big Spyderco fan.Do you have any news about
    the Lil’ Temp 2 ?
    Looking forward hearing from you.
    Soncerely yours,

    • Nope, last year it was a concept model which means it’s not ready for production yet. I hope to be pleasantly surprised next week at the Amsterdam Meet to learn that it’s going into production.

  2. JAfromMn says:

    Every time I’m researching a spyderco I look here.

    Thanks for the Excellent Pic’s and all the Info.

    Keep up the good work Sir


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