Spyderco 2014 Concept Model – Chris Knutson Introvert

The Introvert was a very interesting design. This folder incorporates both a Perrin-style index hole and a flipper. Although it might be easy to think of this design as a pure MBC-type design, Sal and Eric see more potential (utility) uses. Apparently, their main attraction to see if the design could be made was ‘it’s never been done’. 

The approximate specifications of the Introvert concept model are:

Overall Length:  18 cm / 7.08 inches
Edge Length: 5,7 cm / 2.24 inches
Blade Length: 7,2 cm / 2.83 inches
Blade Thickness: 0,3 cm / 0.19 inches









4 Responses to Spyderco 2014 Concept Model – Chris Knutson Introvert

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  2. Chris Knutson says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photographs Spydercollector.

    If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. My goal was to make a folding Swick for EDC. The blade size was kept that way to allow for carry in restricted spaces. The leaf shape was chosen because it can be reground to wharnie, but a wharnie cannot be made into a leaf. The lock was designed to be ambidextrous because flippers so rarely are lefty-friendly. Most of the ergos on the knife follow time-tested Spyderco favorites. I have to thank Eric and Sal for being so helpful in making this a reality, and for having the SPOT/SWICK?Caspian/Bi-Fold line to inspire me.

  3. […] goal was to make a folding Swick for EDC,” Introvert designer Chris Knutson, posted in a comment on Spydercollector.  The hole in the blade that captures the first finger doubles as an oversized flipper-tab, and […]

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