Spyderco 2016 Production Sample – Gayle Bradley TAC 1s

Apparently, the TAC 1s was Gayle Bradley’s first attempt at a tactical folder design, hence the abbreviation which stands for ‘tactical folder 1 (for) Spyderco’. The flipper seemed a bit long, but it worked very well and it offered a good guard when the blade was locked. I liked the contoured finish and surface pattern of the handle scales. The knife looks straight and metallic, but with those two design features, the thin TAC 1s handled much better than you’d expect from its looks. The TAC 1s looked like the type of tactical folder you could carry all day in a suit or regular clothes and forget you have it on you, until it’s needed.













Overall Length: 20,6 cm / 8.11 inches
Blade Length: 9,3 cm / 3.66 inches
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0.11 inches
Weight: 100 grams / 3.52 ounces

4 Responses to Spyderco 2016 Production Sample – Gayle Bradley TAC 1s

  1. ryantheb says:

    Love this knife. That flipper tab looks way too long and pointy. I would want it more subdued or not there at all. Not a flipper fan.

  2. Spider davis says:

    I like it! Put me on the list for one.

  3. Love flippers. It’s a way to get your blade out quickly with a push of the index finger. A big FU to the automatic laws where their illegal.

  4. […] Click here, for a more detailed look at the Spyderco TAC 1s production sample. […]

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