Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Squeak – Polished Ti

The polished titanium Squeak had a nice solid feel to it. The added weight didn’t seem cumbersome at all to me, compared to the FRN production knife. The action and lock-up were still a little tight, but I’d rather have that than the other way around. I’m sure the action would improve with use. Although I only need a slipit when traveling to, or through, other countries with stringent knife laws, I do appreciate the ease of closing of these fine utility folders. Also, sprints like this titanium Squeaks are bound to keep the collecting hobby very interesting for our fellow knifeknuts that do need these slipits for EDC.














Overall Length: 12,8 cm / 5.03 inches

Blade Length: 5,1 cm / 2 inches

Closed Length: 7,9 cm / 3.12 inches


3 Responses to Spyderco 2015 Production Prototype – Squeak – Polished Ti

  1. […] Pingo. I notice I didn’t get the zoom working correctly, sorry for the videoquality. Click here for much better images of the Squeak prototype and here to see better photos Pingo […]

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  3. […] added this piece of plastic under the clip of the titanium PITS folder and, reportedly, also on the titanium Squeak sprint run. A nice touch that this lefty certainly […]

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