Spyderco 2016 Concept Model – Tadao Terada Kitchen Knife

This one’s also known as the K11 Cook’s Knife in the 2016 Spyderco product catalog, so I was nicely surprised to learn that this ‘numbered’ kitchen knife was actually designed by a knife maker called Tadao Terada. The Terada Kitchen Knife handled like a very elegant, thin and light kitchen knife. This thing is probably a veritable laser in the kitchen. I can’t wait to get my own to use in the kitchen, and I’d love to see a serrated version of this design as well.










Overall Length: 26,2 cm / 10.31 inches
Blade Length: 14,7 cm / 5.80 inches
Blade Thickness: 2,3 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 105 grams / 3.70 ounces

3 Responses to Spyderco 2016 Concept Model – Tadao Terada Kitchen Knife

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  3. […] I first encountered the K11 as one of the prototypes presented at this year’s Amsterdam Meet. The story I remember accompanying this knife, was that it […]

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