Spyderco 2016 Production Sample – Ed Schempp Rock Salt

The Rock Salt is back, for a sprint run. To me, this is a familiar design and I like the bright orange scales. I can imagine this sprint run would make for a cool knife option in a bugout bag or survival kit, with its rustproof steel and bright orange handle.










Overall Length: 31,1 cm / 12.24 inches
Blade Length: 17,1 cm / 6.73 inches
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0.11 inches
Weight: 258 grams / 9.1 ounces

2 Responses to Spyderco 2016 Production Sample – Ed Schempp Rock Salt

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  2. mtngunr says:

    just wanted to thank you for the news of the knife.

    i own a Warrior and regretted missing out on the Rock Salt during its brief run.

    to me, the H1 is the ultimate survival knife steel, and a shame only a few larger fixed blades have been made in it, and the Rock Salt is the closest Spyderco has come to a standard large camp knife in the steel.

    for some reason, i was looking up the Rock Salt again on the internet, with perhaps hopes of buying a NOS edition, when lo and behold, your dated post with orange handles shows up all over the net, especially the photos, which i traced to origin to find a sprint run underway.

    it took all of 5mins after that to go to an authorized dealer and buy one. I have found two internet sources selling counterfeits, orange handle, marked H1, but marking applied to probably equally counterfeit VG10 standard Rock version….being sold as part of the sprint run….but with full flat grinds, the dead giveaway for a supposedly H1 knife….


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