Spyderco 2016 Production Prototype– Peter Rassenti Nirvana

The Nirvana is highly anticipated by many, and even when I got to handle it for a second time now, it remains an impressive folding knife. The one-piece handle was relatively thin and felt reasonably ergonomic in my hands. Personally, I would prefer a satin finished blade. I’m in the minority however, considering the attention and admiration this knife got at the Meet and the IWA show in Germany a week later.













Overall Length: 22,1 cm / 8.70 inches
Blade Length: 9,4 cm / 3.69 inches
Blade Thickness: 4 mm / 0.157 inches
Weight: 136 grams / 4.8 ounces

4 Responses to Spyderco 2016 Production Prototype– Peter Rassenti Nirvana

  1. Rob davis says:

    Love the knife but they could have put a nicer pock clip on it.

  2. […] those were some familiar faces, like the Peter Rassenti-designed Nirvana, a larger folder with CPM S90V steel and an integral (one piece) titanium handle. A new version of […]

  3. […] Click here for a more detailed look at the Spyderco Peter Rassenti Nirvana. […]

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