Yin Yang Kitchen Knife Set

I must admit that after the Homemaker, the other older spydie kitchen knives looked a little pale. The rubber handles just can’t match the looks and feel of micarta. Since the Homemaker entered my kitchen drawer, the Santoku has been gathering dust. With the Yin Yang set I not only had a chance to expand my kitchen knife collection with nicer looking designs, but also the opportunity to test new blade shapes.

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My wife really loves this set. The plainedge knife is the first she reaches for. I find the blades a bit to narrow. I prefer to ‘knuckle up’ to a wide blade when chopping and slicing. I do like the sharp tips on these knives, which the Homemaker lacks. The edge-holding is really good, but that should not be a surprise since I believe VG-10 was used for the blades.

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However, these are really versatile knives. They can be comfortably used for chopping, slicing, opening packed food, slicing bread, frozen foods, carving meat etc…. With this set you honestly don’t ‘need’ anything else. Of course, we always ‘want’ something else, but that’s a different matter.

Click for a full size image in a new window

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