Spyderco Yojimbo 2 designed by Michael Janich

For many years, I used to be very much into martial arts next to my obsession with knife collecting. It was inevitable the two would mix and it didn’t take long before I was ‘into’ Martial Blade Craft Training. This interest culminated in my training session with Michael Janich and his group of very welcoming and skilled students. I picked up a lot of insights, as well as a few good natured bruises. Since then, my interest in Martial Bladecraft gradually waned off I’m afraid. Having kids and a second job does cut into your hobby time. Still, I can’t keep my eyes of cool MBC blades and the Yojimbo 2 is an extremely nice and refined example of this category.


People will extoll the new Yojimbo’s ergos, improved lock etc… But the main thing I noticed of the ‘2’ compared to Spyderco’s first Yojimbo, is that it seems to draw a lot faster! Also, and I know Mike likes to emphasize this during his product presentations, the Yojimbo isn’t just an MBC blade; it’s a very useful EDC folder too!






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