The Mosquito – Unofficial Spyderco Folder

Years ago, I saw a curious little Spyderco folder from one of my friends who also works for the amazing knife company from Golden, Colorado, USA, Earth. If you’re a Spyderco Forums ‘old-timer’, you might remember the photo of his Mosquito. It looked like a Ladybug, but with a dramatically different blade. It seemed to have been replaced by an awl of sorts. My friend explained it was a gift from Sal, called ‘the Mosquito’. For many years, I never saw another one, they were never a catalog item. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to acquire my own Mosquito!

Modified Ladybug
The Mosquito is, in fact, a modified first generation Ladybug (LBK). The handle appears unmodified. The blade was ground down, straightening the spine. The edge has been completely ground down and tapered into a very fine and solid point. The edge is gone, it’s completely rounded, and the tip is  -very- sharp. I’m not sure what the intended purpose of the Mosquito was. It could’ve been a folding awl or toothpick, or just a really cool way pick off olives at a cocktail party while showing off to your fellow-spyderknut friends. 😉

Never a production item
From what I gathered, the Mosquito was never a production design, nor a prototype for a new design or Ladybug variant. It seems the Mosquito was just an experiment of sorts. According to the story I heard, Spyderco modified a small quantity of Ladybugs and they were gifts for employees and friends.

To me, it’s a wonderful addition to my collection of Ladybugs, Manbugs and Jesters. If you get a chance to own a Spyderco Mosquito, go for it. Remember, this never was –nor will it be- an official commercially available Spyderco. I’ve only seen two over the years, and that includes mine.


5 Responses to The Mosquito – Unofficial Spyderco Folder

  1. Elizabeth Page ROGERS says:

    Remember this one well! And how I could use one! Enjoy it and try to talk Sal into a sprint run of these!

  2. […] recently chronicled the acquisition of an ‘unofficial’ Spyderco release, the Mosquito. This modified first gen Ladybug sports an awl for a blade and has never reappeared in the […]

  3. Joe Average says:

    The point of the Mosquito (pun unintended) was as an anti-pickpocket device when traveling. It was to be carried in the open position and jabbed into the offender’s hand.

    Same rationale as when US troops on R&R during Vietnam were advised to carry a Swiss Army Knife with an open awl. They were forbidden to carry weapons but were preyed upon by pickpockets. The idea was to jam the awl into the offender’s arm and rip upward.

  4. Charlie Klein says:

    That’ll teach’em! Major Ouch! LOL! Love to find out about rare Spydie facts, keep’em comming, and thanks so much!
    (buddy54ck) online

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