Spyderco Sprint Run Orange Manix 2

If you’d like to start collecting each and every variation of the Spyderco Manix 2, then you’re in for a challenge. In its short lifespan of about a year or so, I think about ten variations have been made! Early on I decided that I wasn’t going to try to collect them all, but if I could get my hands on a nice edition, I’d go for it. I succeeded.

I missed out on the blue sprint run Manix 2 and regretted it ever since. Especially because I got my pre-order in on time but too few knives were delivered to that particular dealer. The Cutlery Shoppe sprint run Manix 2 provided me with a second chance. I always wanted to add a large ‘serious’ bright orange folder to my stable of Spydies, but the orange Military was never quite ‘it’ for me, so I jumped at the opportunity to get this orange Manix 2.

This sprint run Manix 2 features quite a few changes from the regular production model: bright (and I do mean bright) orange G10 handle, full flat ground S30V steel blade and fully skeletonized liners. It feels much lighter than my stock SE Manix 2.

Fit and finish are superb on my sample, definitely no complaints there. The action is just right. It´s amazing how they nailed just the right kind of resistance for opening, while maintaining a smooth as glass opening/closing action. It’s smooth, but only if you ´want´ it to open or close. I just got this knife and I look forward to putting this knife through its paces.

4 Responses to Spyderco Sprint Run Orange Manix 2

  1. Steve says:

    Man…if I only had a spare $120 laying around I’d be all over the CS Manix!

  2. JP says:

    I am diggin’ the orange. I was lucky enough to get in on the EDC Forums GlowManix2 and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. It will be my first Spyderco blade and if I like it I can see myself picking up a few more….one for the keychain, one for my work desk…you know how it is.

  3. […] pleasing. I like this blade shape a lot. My current favorites with this blade shape are the Manix 2 and Caly 3 family of knives. Classic favorites with this blade shape for me, are the Lum Chinese […]

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